From our wonderful location you can enjoy views of the Sunset, Sea, Mountains, River and lots of terraced rice fields. This can be your own private & personal villa, set in beautiful surroundings with all the facilities you would expect from a top of the range, vacation villa. Our Villa has 3 double bedrooms (a further 2 additional bedrooms are available in a separate villa if required) and they can all be yours for less than the cost of a double room at many 5* facilities in Bali. We care - we provide a beautiful swimming pool - a private Restaurant - very well trained staff - butler service - vehicles for hire (with driver) whenever you need them. Whether you are a couple or a group of family and friends the entire place will be yours alone - NO Sharing!

Vila Tenang has been referred to as 'The ideal hideaway for the rich and famous' because of it's very private location and superb service. Where else can you have total privacy and anonymity and still have these wonderful views? That's why we only book to one group of guests at any one time.

Vila Tenang stands on a 4000 Sq Meter plateau overlooking the sea. The property and gardens are maintained to a high standard with staff providing a first class service.

A Unique Villa in Bali, a Bali Villa of high quality, as far as Bali Villas go this is about the best you can get. Bali Villa, Bali Villa, Bali Villa a beautiful Bali Villa - Bali.